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Welcome to the official wiki for The Throne of Ardevan, a Mount and Blade: Warband mod, set on the fictional continent of Ardevan [ar-de-vaan]. Almost a thousand years before the mod is set, Ardevan was ruled over by the Great Ardevan Empire. However after the death of the Emperor, the 4 major lords of the regions of Keltic, Rotisland, The Melutian Highlands and the Vorkuninsk tundra gathered in the great hall of Luceria to discuss the Emperors successor, since his wife was unable to have children. The discussions became heated, as all believed they had a greater right to the throne, the discussions ended with the Lord of the Keltic plains returning home. Shortly after returning to Braedon, Lord Pàdair MacCoinnich formed the Kingdom of Keltici.

After the formation of the Kingdom of Keltici, Lord Thorred Askelsson, formed the Kingdom of Rotisheim after returning to Rotisland, an island to the north of the Ardevan mainland. Soon Acedillus formed the Melutian Highlands, a tribal faction to the south of Ardevan, protected by large mountains and ravines. The final faction to be formed was the Principality of Vorkuninsk in the Northern Tundra.

The continent of Ardevan became a war torn land for the first time in over 3 centuries of peace and prosperity, each faction fighting to gain the upper hand over their enemies and claim the throne of Ardevan. However, darkness began to loom in the arid eastern desert, a new faction had begun to rise out of the sand, a faction from a land far away, The Quoterian Empire. Ruthless and pro-slavery, The Quoterian Empire begun sweeping across the east enslaving the small tribes of the Ardevan desert. Fifteen years of enslavement lead to a slave rebellion rising in the northern most region of The Quoterian Empire, forming a sixth faction, The Quoterian Rebels.

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This Wiki will provide the lore surrounding the factions, the characters, the continent and the regions of Ardevan. You can also learn about the Troop Trees, the Castles, the Towns and the features of the mod

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